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What Makes SIPs Healthier

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Happy and Heathy

Most American families spend the majority of their time indoors. Therefore, providing a healthy indoor environment is critical to our families well being. The technology of Structural Insulated Panels can help provide a healthier home by providing Air Control. This Air Control can assist in controlling pollution, humidity, chemicals, and even sound. SIPs can help provide healthier, filtered air and keep some common pests at bay.

Outdoor Pollution

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Stop the Infiltration

SIPs can provide a building envelope that is super tight and limits unwanted outside air from coming. Advanced Structural Framing that SIPS provides a structure this is dramatically more airtight.

Indoor Pollution

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Exchange with Clean

When using Structural Insulated Panels, an air exchanger or some other form of modern mechanical ventilation is always recommended. Moreover, using a HEPA or Ion filter can significantly reduce indoor air pollutants and make the SIPs environment healthier.


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Control Humidity

The solid, continuous design of insulated panels coupled with the dehumidifying properties of modern ventilation eliminates all possibilities of mold growth within the structure. Mold has been link to aggravating asthma, emphysema and other breathing conditions

VOCs and Off Gassing

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Breathe Easy

Our SIPs are manufactured using what is known as "the safe insulation," Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). EPS insulation does not use chemical gasses for blowing agents. EPS Insulation does not "off-gassing," which can be very harmful. Our EPS SIPs do not contain HCFCs or CFCs, which are also known to cause problems with atmospheric ozone.

Sound Transmission

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Sleep Better

SIPs, by their very nature, are more soundproof than most systems. Add certain sound-deadening drywall, and you can achieve a better STC Rating. Keeping out noise from airports, railroads, trucks, or even sirens with a quieter home can help provide better quality sleep. Numerous studies have found that insufficient sleep increases a person's risk of developing severe medical conditions, including obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease.


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Repel and Protect

Our foam panels are treated with a soap product known as borate. This product is harmless to humans but is known to deter termites and other harmful pests. Many pests have been known to cause serious health issues. Remember, no product is perfect, and it is always recommended to get professional pest advice when building wood structures.
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