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What Makes SIPs So Strong

Protection for Your Family

Why should a person care about building a stronger home? Safety and shelter are some of the most basic human needs. Unfortunately, mother nature and the elements can make constructing a building structure difficult. High winds, heavy snowfall, tornados, hurricanes, and earthquakes frequently happen in the US. Building with Structural Insulated panels can produce a stronger home and offer better protection than standard building construction.

Load Distribution

Standard Construction

In Standard Construction, loads are distributed or carried along studs and joists, typically at 16" or 24" on center. Therefore, loads tend to be focused on narrow areas increasing loads at those locations.
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SIPs Construction

In SIPs Construction, loads are distributed across the entire panel, allowing greater loads. For example, SIP walls can withstand loads 3-7 times higher than standard stick construction.
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SIPs have the capability to carry loads 3 - 7 times more than Standard Construction.

Roof Span Capability

Standard Construction

Most conventional roof systems use trusses with OSB to make up the roof's structure. In most cases, trusses need to be set every 24" on center and sometimes depending on the load every 16" on center. Extra bracing is used with truss to give it extra support.
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SIPs Construction

SIPs have much greater roof-spanning capability making them much stronger than standard construction. SIPs panels can span 8' - 18' depending on the loads. The other advantage is they be placed on various structures, including beams, LVLs, steel, timber frames, and logs, to name a few.
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SIPs are stronger as they have greater span capabilities.

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