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Our package provides shop drawing blueprints that specify the panel's SIP size, layout, window and door openings, assembly details, and installation specifications.

Shop Drawing a Installation Must

SIPs are one of the most exciting structural components to learn to build. Therefore, we provided shop drawing for easier installation.

Shop Drawings

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SIPs Shop Drawings

The SIP shop drawings typically show more detail than the architectural construction documents regarding the SIPs.The SIP shop drawing is drawn to explain the installation of the SIPs. In addition, the shop drawing helps the SIPs installer put the panels together in the correct manner.

Advantages of Shop Drawings

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Review and Approval Process

Our process for quality includes reviewing and modifying shop drawings. Therefore, you must check the SIP shop drawings before manufacturing the SIPs for dimensional accuracy, rough opening dimensions and placement, panel thicknesses, roof pitch, and other items pertinent to the project.
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Engineering and Permitting

Local building code jurisdictions may require design-professional-stamped architectural or engineering building plans for all structures. Shop drawings help the design professional complete final plans for approval.
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Details for Contruction

Construction details illustrate how to build and put together a specific structure section for the contractors. Construction details are communicated on large-scale drawings that show comprehensive information about parts that are described in less detail on larger plan sections.
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Other Trades and Systems

Shop drawings are critical to keeping all subcontractors in communication with the plans. All construction trades have to be on the same page to have a successful project.

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