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Experience And Expertise

As the most experienced Manufacturer of Structural Insulated Panels, we offer our expertise to achieve success with your project.

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Many Years of Experience

We have successfully completed 1000's of projects worldwide, but yours is the most important. This experience has taught us that if you want to be the best, you must listen to your customers. This is the reason we offer so many diverse products and programs. In addition, we are so confident in our products and systems that we have the longest warranty in the Industry.

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Help and Advice

We can help you take advantage of the design benefits that Structural Insulated Panels can offer. We can also share some of the design pitfalls. We can also review a set of plans and offer advice on making them more SIPs friendly or help modify the plans to make them more labor accommodating.

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Quality Confidence

Our Structural Insulated Panels are so well designed and manufactured that we offer the longest warranty in the Industry. From our raw materials to our manufacturing process, we believe in quality management throughout our entire process. SIPs are structural products, and with our warranty, one can know that our products are long-lasting.

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Green Building

Building structures using materials, methods, and resources that are environmentally responsible is part of our Green Building. Our SIPs can help reduce your carbon footprint, make your structure more energy efficient, use renewable resources and reduce the amount of waste in landfills. In addition, our SIPs can provide LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) points and help with LEED Certification.

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Cost Quote

Many contractors have an impression that SIPs are hard to install or are expensive. We can cost estimate a plan and provide you with a viable budget. We have several programs to demonstrate how to reduce construction costs using structural insulated panels. No other structural system can economically offer the energy efficiency of SIPs or with the ease of installation.

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Contractor Training

Structural Insulated Panels are only as good as the installation. This is why we offered not only factory training but advanced SIPs training. Even though SIPs are easy to install, our experience has allowed us to develop Tricks and Tips for even better installation. Our training also includes better design principles and a review of other systems (Heating & Air Conditioning) that affect building envelope performance.

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Customized Options

We offer the broadest range of products and customized options for installation. With a vast amount of experience in Structural Insulated Panels, we will help you develop the best-customized solutions. Many of our choices can speed up the installation time. Other options provide more R-value or different looks. Certainly, you have the opportunity to have no options.

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Support Material

Like any building system, additional support materials need to be installed with your structural Insulated Panel project. Items like headers or screws are usually required in every project. We can provide several support materials to make it more convenient. We can also offer engineered elements for the project. If you need it, we will try and supply it.
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Timely Manufacturing

SIP projects require a fair amount of pre-planning. Manufacturing lead times are cyclical, depending on the time of year and building schedule. We use an On-time Delivery System to get your panels to the project - on time. We understand what it means to have installers and equipment ready to go. Our customer feedback is one of the highest for our on-time deliveries.

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