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Stress Skin Panels

Stress Skin Panels are similar to SIP panels, except the skins may not be structural. They are typically used to provide a specific look inside, outside, or both. Depending on the skin and installation method, some Stress Skin Panels will add additional strength to a building. The other significant advantage of Stress Skin Panels is that you can use any insulation thickness up to 48" thick.
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Stress Skin Non-structural Panels

These 4' x 8' Stress Skin Panels are great for installed frame work such as steel or timber frame applications.
Drywall - OSB Stress Skin Panels
Mag Board - OSB Stress Skin Panels
T&G - OSB Stress Skin Panels
FRP - OSB Stress Skin Panels
T1-11 - OSB Stress Skin Panels
* other combinations of Stress Skins available, call for email for more possibilities.

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