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Our Manufacturing Process is Better
Quality Machinery
We use only the best manufacturing techniques and equipment to make our Structural Insulated Panels. From computerized drafting and engineering to our state-of-the-art CNC machinery. Our high-performance C.R. Onsrud CNC machine offers accuracy and precision that cannot be duplicated by others.

The result is that your SIPs Panel Package gets the quality manufacturing that you deserve. Our secret to success is that no detail is too small
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Fully Computerized
Your SIPs plans are feed into a computer and each panel is identified. That individual panel is placed into the machine and the computer knows the exact measurement and angles . No guess work, everything is programed in.
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Precision Cutting
Our SIP CNC Machine offers perfect cutting. Wood is not a perfect material but our CNC Machine has the ability to square off and makes perfectly straight cuts.
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Machining Options
Our machines has a variety of manufacturing capabilities that provides our customers with endless SIP Panel option possibilities.
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Angled Cutting
Roof Line or other angled cutting is now problem for our SIP CNC Cutting Machine. No maker the pitch or the angle we can offer precision SIP cutting for your SIPs package.
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Window Door or Other Openings
What can really speed up the installation of a project is having window, doors or other opening pre-cut out when they are at a project. Our SIP CNC Cutting Machine makes accurate quick work out of cutting these openings.
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Resetting the Foam
Cutting away the foam to accept components for the build, can save time and lower frustration in the field. Foam pockets are cut out to the exact thickness. This can be done out in the field but not the exactness that the factory can deliver.
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