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Finding That SIPs Contractor

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Trying new things can be scary. For contractors, installing SIPs for the first time is "going into the unknown." Contractors are most comfortable when they are constructing buildings that they know the cost and understand the process. Many of them have been burned by products and process that did not work. Don't be surprised if your contractor does everything he can to talk you out of SIPs.

Trained SIPs Contractors

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Formal Training

Many contractors have been formally trained to install Structural Insulated Panels. These contractors have been trained on the installation process of SIPs - from plates to joints.

Train Your Contractor

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Local Advantage

Not every area of the country has trained contractors. Maybe you would like your favorite contractor to build your SIPs project. We have you covered. We train contractors. If they have stick built, they can SIP build.
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