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Dream Home Sonstruction using Structural Insulated Panels
How to build your home more energy efficient using Structural Insulated Panels
How to build a super strong home using Structural Insulated Panels
How to build a healthier home using Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs - A Better Way To Build

SIPs are the most exciting Structural Energy Building Product on the market today. SIPs are high-performance building panels that are used as floors, wall and roofs in residential and commercial construction. These building panels are vastly superior in every way compared to standard construction and is dedicated to showing the advantages of SIPs and how to use them on your next build.

Why Use SIPs on Your Next Build

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Amounts of Energy

According to a Department of Energy Study, SIPs are 40% more energy efficient than standard construction. 40% More Efficient means huge saving of Energy and a much lower Utility Bill. Many believe that using SIPs may be the single biggest energy saving element that a person can do when building a new home.
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3 Times

Whether its 700% more load capacity or continuous reinforcement for axial loading, Structural Insulated Panels are 3 times stronger than standard stick frame construction. They hold up better against higher winds, such as tornados and distribute shear loads more evenly. Feel your family safer using SIPs.
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Build a

Everybody wants to live safe and be healthier and that does really starts with the inside of your home. A healthier home controls indoor air quality by prevents harmful vapors, molds and keeps exterior pollutants out. SIPs can help eliminate drafts and cold spots and even help owners get a better night sleep in their quieter home.
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SIPs Endless Design Options
Using SIPs panels offers a freedom of design that is deemed impractical with standard construction. SIPs can provide the open concept due to the ability to span larger opening with minimal support. Cathedral ceiling that are energy efficient are simple with SIP Roof Panels. Even geodesic domes can be done easily with SIP panels. Architect love the versatility and working with SIP panels as they offer design feature that are easy to install and look amazing.
Structural Insulated Panels learn more about design options
Build a open concept using SIPs
Use Structural Insulated Panel to Build a vaulted or cathedral ceiling
Myth or Fact how much do structural Insulated Panels cost

Cost of SIPs

On of the most misunderstood elements about SIPs is the cost. The challenging thing about them is that it effects the costs of many other things in the build. Here is an example, due to SIPS being so energy efficient, heating and air conditioning units can be reduced in size thus lower the cost. Engineered Systems like SIPs also have a co-mingled cost of numerous labor steps and product materials making it difficult for some to quantify.
SIPs contractor

Contractor Installation

Finding the right contractor can be difficult. Many contractors have been burned by trying new thing and find it difficult to install the newest technology. Change can be hard. We have developed a system to make it easy for the contractor to succeed and be trained in a way that their first job is as foolproof as their 30th job. Ultimately, the customer or the homeowner is the one that decides if SIPs are to be used and money is to be saved.
Get a Price quote on SIPs or Structural Insulated Panels

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Putting a budget together for building your dream structure can be a long process. Transforming your current plans into a SIPs structure is easy for us - we call this SIP-izing. Send us your current plans and let us go over them and show you how simple it can be. We may be able to optimize or simplify your structure to make it even better. We will even put a free budget quote together to help you determine if SIPs is right for this project.
Building a New House or New Business
Structural Insulated Panels offers the most advanced framing method available today. Not only is SIPs a great framing alternative but it can create the most energy efficient structure by saving owner over 60% on they're heating and cooling costs. In fact, numerous SIPs homes have been built using the approach of Net-zero Energy consumption. Some Builders are using SIPS in their Passive House Systems as it offers a higher level of Indoor Air Quality and reduces moisture infiltration.

SIPs is a very Green environmental product that help provide additional LEED point and help it become a LEED Certified Structure. This building system is can be used in Residential Construction or Commercial Construction as it speeds up construction time and greatly reduces construction building time lower labor installation costs.

Structural Insulated Panels is the best investment for a homeowner as it saves money every year with worry of repair or replacement. The payback cycle from the cash flow analysis shows that SIPs have a very short payback.

GetSIPs has the ability to provide Structural Insulated Panels for project anywhere in the United States. Our office located in the Midwest has easy access to Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Kansas.

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